Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pregnant Paleo Panda


It has been about 3 months since my last blog, but I have a good reason!!! I'm preggers! We're having a baby. A real baby.  Most people, aka friends and family, already know this, but I thought I would use this as my excuse for not blogging in a while.  One of the many benefits of being pregnant...blaming things on the bun in the oven! I can't do the dishes...the soap makes me feel sick. I didn't want to eat a whole medium pizza, but the baby was hungry!

We are really happy and excited. I am 17 weeks. But before getting into the last few weeks, I need to go back in time...

May 2012, I started this blog to talk about my diagnosis with polycystic ovary syndrome (diagnosed March 13, 2012) which lots of women have (often undiagnosed for many women) and this makes it hard to get pregnant. Check out my first post for more explanation.  I decided to share, not just my efforts to get pregnant, but my focus on getting healthy through a paleo diet and crossfit.

Fast forward to July 13, 2012 the day I found out we were going to have our baby! It was my husband's birthday, so telling him the good news was extra fun. He didn't believe it at first because we really expected it to take a lot longer.

I really credit crossfit and paleo for the speedy results! Jeremy and I started eating strict paleo in March 2012 and 4 months later I had dropped 15 pounds and put on some muscle. I was feeling great. Add to the situation that my crossfitting beast of man was looking awesome... it was a recipe for baby making.

Since starting this blog, I have talked to several other women who also credit paleo with getting pregnant.  There is something about eating real food and cutting out the processed crap that just gets your body functioning at its best.  Your hormones get on track and things start to work like clockwork. Its really incredible, but makes perfect sense.

I have kept up with crossfit since finding out I was pregnant. Luckily a friend in my gym was only weeks from giving birth at the time I found out, so she was and still is a major resource for me on navigating crossfit and being preggo. Also, one of our coaches is a doula and is a phenomenal support. At about 7 or 8 weeks, I told all of the coaches at crossfit because I wanted them to know if I ran into the bathroom during a workout or was scaling back from my usual lifting - that I was just fine! This proved to be important because weeks 7-11 were probably the hardest in terms of nausea and fatigue. I stuck with it, but slept more and went 4 instead of 5 days a week to crossfit. I didn't scale too much, but took time to catch my breath and just be sure I was taking care of myself.

After 11 weeks, the nausea and fatigue were completely gone and I have felt great. I recently set a pull-ups PR (15 unbroken) and I am just listening to my body and adjusting as I go. At 9.5 weeks pregnant, I decided not to do the crossfit competition I had signed up for before I knew I was pregnant - this decision was mostly based on how nauseated I was feeling. I have not done any weightlifting PR's, but I have been able to do most workouts at RX.  There are not a ton of resources out there for crossfit and pregnancy, but two of the best I have found are and

Fran: 21-15-9 Thrusters and Pull-ups.

Today, at 17.5 weeks I decided to do Fran. My pull-ups have never been better so I thought it would be fun! It was awesome. I beat my prior Fran time by 34 seconds with a time of 8:08 and I even took more breaks than usual to catch my breath. My general guide is that if I can breathe, baby can breathe.  My advice to anybody pregnant and crossfitting is to stick with it and make adjustments as you go! For example, sit-ups are done for me and I have switched to knees to elbows.  Crossfit Mission Gorge has been crazy supportive and I couldn't imagine going though this experience without my CFMG family!  I plan to post more regularly now, including some of my workouts/adjustments and efforts to keep eating paleo.


  1. YAY! I'm glad you were finally able to post a blog! You're seriously such a rockstar, and I am so jealous that you are in better shape pregnant than I am now! Keep it up, Panda!!!

  2. Thanks Kristen! Having fun with the CFMG ladies!

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