Monday, July 9, 2012

Barbacoa - Stolen Like a Thief in the Night

I steal most my recipes like a thief in the night. Well, not really, I just google and then find something I think I could do with what's in my fridge/cupboard. So most of the time the recipes I share are not mine, but if I come up with anything good of my own, you will be the first to know!

Recipe: Barbacoa from PaleOMG, which stands for Paleo Oh My Goodness, just so you know! Not only is this Juli Baur hilarious, but her food is good and here recipes are easy to follow. Her recipes include directions like,  Chop that sh*t up, or mash it with your hands.  No crazy chef talk here, but the food is fabulous. Her bloggy blog is so good I bought the headband! She has lots of cool gear! Nerd alert!

  PaleOMG Barbacoa Recipe

Check out this post for pics! Barbacoa Pics!

There are many great things about this recipe. First of all, I am Mexican and have high barbacoa standards! This recipe exceeds my expectations. I think its because of the chipotles in adobo sauce.  Also, you can throw it in the crock pot and then when you get home, spend 10 more minutes mixing in some additional ingredients and then wait 1 more hour while it cooks in the crock pot and makes your house smell amazing. Boom. Spectacular dinner. Also, you can eat barbacoa so many ways as leftovers. Not to sound like Bubba from Forest Gump, but there  is barbacoa lettuce tacos, for breakfast with a fried egg on top, make a hash with sweet potatoes...the list goes on.  My only advice is that this is really spicy. I love spicy, but if you have kids or don't do spicy, cut the red pepper in half at least.

Most importantly of all, have fun. Cooking is an adventure.


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